Terms Of Use

1. Users should carefully read this agreement before using the service and agree to abide by it before using it. Once used, a contractual relationship is automatically formed between the user and the App, and the user shall be bound by this agreement. The user's use of the App's content signifies their agreement to this agreement.

2. This agreement may be updated at any time, and the App is not obligated to provide notifications. The App (hereinafter referred to as the service provider) notifications, announcements, statements, or other similar content are part of this agreement.

Membership Service

1.1 Membership service refers to a subscription service provided by the service provider, allowing members to use the chat-based AI application software (hereinafter referred to as the "application software") for communication and interaction an unlimited number of times.

1.2 The validity period of the membership service is determined based on the subscription period purchased by the member. Before the subscription period expires, the member can enjoy unlimited chat opportunities.

Subscription and Payment

2.1 Members can purchase membership services through the subscription function within the application software. The subscription period and price will be clearly displayed in the application software and confirmed based on the member's selection.

2.2 Members can choose to make payments using applicable payment methods. Payment methods may include credit cards, debit cards, or other online payment methods.

2.3 Members agree to pay the corresponding fees according to the selected subscription period and understand that once the payment is completed, it is non-refundable.

2.4 Members who use the platform's subscription service will be automatically renewed upon the expiration of the membership, and if they do not wish to continue the renewal, they need to manually disable it. Members will bear any losses incurred due to failure to timely disable the subscription service.

Member Responsibilities

3.1 Members should ensure the accuracy and completeness of the personal and payment information provided and update it promptly when necessary.

3.2 Members should safeguard their account information properly and not disclose it to third parties.

3.3 Members shall not use the membership service for illegal purposes, including but not limited to infringing upon the rights of others, publishing false information, or engaging in fraudulent activities. Any consequences resulting from improper use of this app's features that violate the law shall be borne solely by the member.

3.4 Members should comply with applicable laws, regulations, and all provisions of this agreement and user agreement.

Service Provider Responsibilities

4.1 The service provider will provide membership services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and strive to ensure its normal operation and security.

4.2 The service provider has the right to adjust and update the functions and content of the membership service as needed.

4.3 The service provider will take reasonable technical and managerial measures to protect the security of members' personal and payment information.

Cancellation and Refund

5.1 Members can cancel their account and terminate the membership service before the expiration of the subscription period but are not entitled to a refund.

5.2 The service provider has the right to cancel the membership service and terminate this agreement under the following circumstances:

5.3 If the service provider terminates this agreement, the member will no longer enjoy the membership service and is not entitled to a refund.


6.1 To the extent permitted by applicable law, the service provider does not provide any express or implied warranties regarding the applicability, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or reliability of the membership service.

6.2 The service provider is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by network failures, interruptions in services by third-party service providers, computer viruses, or other technical issues.

Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 The application software and related intellectual property rights belong to the service provider or its licensors.

7.2 During the use of the membership service, members shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the service provider or any third party.

Amendment of Agreement

8.1 The service provider has the right to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time and notify the members through the application software or other appropriate means.

8.2 Continued use of the membership service by members will be considered as acceptance of the modified agreement.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

9.1 The interpretation, enforcement, and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of [your country/region].

9.2 The parties shall make every effort to amicably resolve any disputes or controversies arising from this agreement through friendly negotiations. If negotiations fail, either party has the right to bring a lawsuit to a competent court.

User Registration

1. The principles for registering a system username are as follows:

1.1 Registering a system username using the real name, pseudonym, stage name, or pen name of a leader or celebrity, as well as using their photos as avatars, is strictly prohibited.

1.2 Registering a system username using the names of national institutions, other organizations, or websites is strictly prohibited.

1.3 Registering a system username with suspected advertising content is strictly prohibited.

1.4 Registering a system username that closely resembles or deliberately confuses others' usernames and creates visual and auditory confusion is strictly prohibited.

1.5 Registering a system username with uncivilized or unhealthy content is strictly prohibited.

1.6 Registering a system username that may generate ambiguity or misunderstanding by others is strictly prohibited.

2. The system reserves the right to cancel the usernames of users who violate the above principles at any time.

3. Please provide accurate and valid information during registration.

4. The statements and questions posted by registered users must not violate the laws and regulations of the country or the rules of the system. Users are responsible for any consequences resulting from violations of national laws and regulations.

5. Registered users should properly safeguard their own information.

Rules for System User Usage

1. All system users are equal.

2. The personal privacy of system users is protected by the system and is not subject to any inquiries from individuals or organizations, except in the following cases:

3. Users have the right to express their opinions in the system, except when there are special rules in the system's forums or when privileges are closed due to penalties.

4. Users' speech and behavior should comply with national laws, regulations, and the rules and regulations of the system.

5. The use of this software is to provide users with services within a normal and reasonable scope. If a user utilizes automated programs or any abnormal means to use this software, the service provider has the right to restrict the user's usage, up to the point of account suspension.

Speech Rules Users are fully responsible for the content they post. It is strictly prohibited to publish, repost, or transmit information containing any of the following content on any page of this system. Otherwise, the system has the right to handle it without prior notice to the user:

Copyright Statement

1. The copyrights of the service provider's texts, images, audio, videos, and other content belong to the official authority, and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

2. The copyrights of the service provider's unique logos, page designs, layout methods, and other content belong to the official authority, and unauthorized copying or reproduction is prohibited.

3. The service provider reserves the right to resort to legal measures against malicious reposting of its content.


1. The formation, execution, interpretation, and resolution of disputes of this agreement shall comply with the laws of each respective country.

2. If any provision of this agreement, whether in whole or in part, is deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.

3. Please read and fully understand all the contents of this agreement before purchasing or using the membership service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any terms of this agreement or the membership service,

4. The right to interpret and amend this agreement belongs to the official service provider.





1.1 会员服务是指服务提供商提供的一项订阅服务,允许会员无限次数地使用聊天式AI应用软件(以下简称"应用软件")进行交流和互动。

1.2 会员服务的有效期根据会员购买的订阅时间确定。在订阅期限届满之前,会员可以享受无限次数的聊天机会。


2.1 会员可以通过应用软件内的订阅功能购买会员服务。订阅期限和价格将在应用软件上明确显示,并根据会员的选择进行确认。

2.2 会员可以选择使用适用的支付方式进行付款。支付方式可能包括信用卡、借记卡或其他在线支付方式。

2.3 会员同意按照所选的订阅期限支付相应的费用,并且理解到付款一旦完成,将不可退还。

2.4 使用平台订阅服务的会员,将在会员到期时自动续费,如不愿继续续费,需要由会员自行关闭。由于会员未及时关闭订阅服务形成的损失,将由会员自行承担。


3.1 会员应保证其提供的个人信息和付款信息的准确性和完整性,并在必要时及时更新。

3.2 会员应妥善保管其账户信息,不得将其账户信息泄露给第三方。

3.3 会员不得将会员服务用于非法目的,包括但不限于侵犯他人权利、发布虚假信息或进行欺诈行为。因为不当使用本app的功能触犯法律,所有后果将由会员独自承担。

3.4 会员应遵守适用的法律法规,本协议及用户协议的所有规定。


4.1 服务提供商将按照本协议规定提供会员服务,并努力保证其正常运行和安全性。

4.2 服务提供商有权根据需要对会员服务的功能和内容进行调整和更新。

4.3 服务提供商将采取合理的技术和管理措施,保护会员的个人信息和付款信息的安全。


5.1 会员可以在订阅期限届满之前注销账号取消会员服务,但不得要求退款。

5.2 在以下情况下,服务提供商有权取消会员服务并终止本协议:

5.3 如果服务提供商终止本协议,会员将不再享受会员服务,并且不得要求退款。


6.1 在适用法律允许的范围内,服务提供商不对会员服务的适用性、准确性、及时性、完整性或可靠性作任何明示或暗示的保证。

6.2 服务提供商不对由于网络故障、第三方服务提供商的服务中断、计算机病毒或其他技术问题导致的任何损失或损害承担责任。


7.1 应用软件和相关的知识产权属于服务提供商或其许可人所有。

7.2 会员在使用会员服务期间,不得侵犯服务提供商或第三方的任何知识产权。


8.1 服务提供商有权随时修改本协议的条款和条件,并在应用软件上或以其他适当的方式通知会员。

8.2 会员继续使用会员服务将被视为对修改后的协议的接受。


9.1 本协议的解释、执行和争议解决应适用[您所在国家/地区]的法律。

9.2 双方应尽最大努力友好协商解决因本协议引起的任何争议或纠纷。如协商不成,任何一方均有权向有管辖权的法院提起诉讼。


1. 注册系统用户名需遵循如下原则:

2. 对于违反上述注册系统用户名原则的用户,系统有随时取消不合格用户系统用户名的权利。

3. 请填写真实有效信息。

4. 注册用户发表的言论及问题不得违反国家的法律法规以及系统的各项规定。如有触犯国家法律、法规的,一切后果自行负责。

5. 注册用户应妥善保管自己的信息。


1. 本系统用户人人平等。

2. 本系统用户的个人隐私受到本系统保护,不接受任何个人或单位的查询,但以下情况除外:

3. 用户享有在系统发表言论的权利,若系统各版面中有特殊规定,或因受到处罚而关闭权限则例外。

4. 用户的任何言论行为应遵守国家法律、法规和本系统各项规章制度。

5. 本软件的使用是为用户提供正常合理范围内的服务,如用户有利用自动化程序或者是采用任何非正常手段使用本软件的,官方有权限制用户使用,直至封号。





1. 服务提供商的文字、图片、音频、视频等版权均归官方享有,未经服务提供商许可,不得任意转载。

2. 服务提供商特有的标识、版面设计、编排方式等版权均为官方享有,未经服务提供商许可,不得任意复制或转载。

3. 恶意转载服务提供商内容的,服务提供商保留将其诉诸法律的权利。


1. 本协议的订立、执行和解释及争议的解决均遵守各国法律。

2. 如本协议中的任何条款无论因何种原因完全或部分无效或不具有执行力,本协议的其余条款仍应有效并且有约束力。

3. 请您在购买或使用会员服务之前详细阅读并理解本协议的所有内容。如您对本协议的任何条款或会员服务。

4. 本协议解释权及修订权归服务提供商官方所有。